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Climate and Co2

Responsible and sustainable manufacturer

As a manufacturer, we are today obliged to responsibly and sustainably ensure that material selection, production and logistics are done in the most CO2-neutral way for the benefit of the future climate

At UWR – Urban Water Retention, we take social responsibility and actively contribute through innovative product development in consultation with our customers to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

We don’t just limit ourselves to the production itself, but closely monitor CO2 emissions from material production to the finished construction project.

Each individual element plays a crucial role in the overall CO2 emissions and thus climate impact.

At the same time, we have increased our focus on the discharge of microplastics into waterways, lakes and the sea and today offer a product range with the absolute lowest microplastic discharge on the market.

The forward-looking environmental benefits of actions like this help reduce the impact on our environment.

Material selection and production at UWR is fully traceable, documented and verified by a recognized Danish research institute. This applies from CO2 neutral production in Denmark to transportation to the customer.

Recycled plastics play a crucial role in solving climate challenges. Already saving society millions of tons of CO2, the potential is much greater.

This requires a critical approach to the plastic raw material and subsequent products, so that the optimal properties of each plastic material are utilized throughout the supply chain and up to the finished construction project. This can lead to even greater CO2 savings, as well as saving on remaining and scarce natural resources such as gravel pit materials.

When installing cloudburst protection in cities, optimally designed plastic products are not the “villain” in the CO2 calculation and thus the climate impact. The major CO2 emissions come from the actual construction phase of the cloudburst projects, namely the transport of soil and gravel pit materials, long construction times with overly intensive use of excavators, extensive traffic diversions, etc.

Finally, the expected lifespan of the cloudburst projects is a key factor in reducing CO2 emissions. The longer the lifespan, the lower the climate impact and better project economics for the benefit of citizens. With UWR ́s comprehensive cloudburst program, we take active responsibility for the green transition based on a sustainable mindset for the benefit of the future climate.

Contact UWR to learn more about how we can help you with a Danish-made, more sustainable and CO2-friendly solution for your cloudburst project.