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Product description


  • The UWR System can be fitted with various accessories such as “UWR Connectring Closed” that can close and divide the modules into multiple closed pools.
  • “UWR Connectring Closed” is an inner cover that can divide
    modules into sections where you can separate sediments or add substrates between modules.
  • “UWR Cover w/holes” can be inserted if a leakage from a closed basin is desired. The cover with holes is used for tree plantings, rain gardens or as a partial watering solution. In case of seepage into the raw soil, add crushed rock or stones with a minimum grain size of 5/8 mm in a given calculated quantity.
  • “UWR CoverPipe 315” and “UWR CoverPipe 425” can be accessed by the system as inlet and outlet pipes. “CoverPipe” is installed as a regular “UWR Cover”.
  • The “UWR Cover” has molded, prefabricated rings for cut-outs in sizes DN 110, DN 160 and DN 250. By inserting the Trelleborg drilling seal, you can then connect regular pipes. Cutting is done with a jigsaw.