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Delivery and shipping

Delivery is ex works.

Unloading of semi-trailers must be done with a forklift or similar and be carried out by the customer or a third party. The cost of unloading is borne by the buyer.

Crane delivery: Unloading with a crane at the side of the vehicle is invoiced according to offer or time spent. The price is the market price for 4-axle crane trucks with a 30 T crane.

If the customer’s physical circumstances mean that delivery cannot take place as agreed, UWR is entitled to invoice as if delivery had taken place at the agreed time. Delivery times are based on the customer’s wishes as much as possible. However, UWR assumes no obligations in connection with the customer’s requested delivery times.

Any delays will be informed as soon as possible and at no extra cost to UWR. At the customer’s request, UWR shall, at the customer’s expense and risk, arrange for the goods to be transported to any place in Denmark designated by the customer to which there is a passable road. When delivering to construction sites or other designated locations, the customer assumes responsibility when unloading begins.

Unloading time beyond 1 hour may incur an additional charge per hour per car. Costs are invoiced separately.

Unloading of cars is done between 06:00-16:00 Monday to Friday. Unloading on weekends and public holidays must be agreed separately; by written agreement, the customer can pick up the goods ex works, however, a slot time must be obtained for each unloading. Waiting times of up to 3 hours can be expected.

Delivery with biodiesel-powered trucks is available for an additional fee.