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Who is UWR


UWR is a team of experienced subject-specific experts in water, geophysics, plastics, rubber, civil engineering and manufacturing who have been working for the past 4 years on an innovative development product for more efficient rainwater management. The UWR System is patented and verified by the Danish GTS Institute.

UWR System

  • The system is designed to store rainwater mainly in cities and peri-urban areas.
  • A square pipe system designed as building blocks that can be connected and stacked in height, width and length up to a height of 2.46 m with 40 cm coverage and a minimum soil load. 380 kg.
  • The UWR System can be installed under the road surface with a road structure including pavement and base layer of only 35-40 cm.
  • The UWR System is designed for traffic loads up to class T3 roads.
  • The system is a waterproof, modular basin that can retain water and/or percolate water to the ground with a few additions.
  • The UWR System is designed without traditional sewer pipes, and road gullies can be part of the system.
  • The UWR System can be fed with various substrates for rainwater treatment as well as growing media for tree and plant beds.
  • Lifespan 75+ years equates to sewer pipes.
  • No use of membranes, geotextiles or foils.
  • A thorough cleaning function for sediments that can be separated from the entire system.
  • Chemical and oil resistant.

Lars Knudsen


Responsible for sales, engineering, design and installation
40 years of experience from our own companies in green construction, design and implementation of cloudburst and climate protection as well as advising the public sector.

Phone: +45 26886080

Christian Rosenvinge


Responsible for export, production, purchasing and finance
40 years of international experience, primarily from own production and trading companies in renewable energy, urban spaces and playgrounds, outdoor and climate protection.

Phone: +45 51559604

Lars Therkildsen

Chairman of the Board

40 years’ experience in senior management positions in the utilities and energy sector.
Of which the last 10 years as CEO of HOFOR A/S and chairman of DANVA.

Phone: +45 40327122